Monday, March 25, 2013

Auction Closed! Thank you!

Thank you so much for bidding! To get your goodies, please drop me a line at and we can exchange some info! If, by chance, Gathr extends our deadline, I will leave open the auctions with no bids and add some more listings tomorrow. Thank you so very much again!

Item # 10! Spring Themed Party Package!

Our last (yes, last!) item up for bidding is a spring themed all natural party package for10!
Heirloom quality shines through again in this celebration of spring!

This lovely assortment consists of...

*10 handmade wool felt spring themed crowns*
* 4 finger puppets per guest*
* 10 handmade goody bags*
* 20 pieces of organic, all natural candy*
* one spring themed treasure hunt set! (handmade items you scatter around for kids to find...I will provide a set of general clues but you can also choose to create your own clues as well!)

Party packages of this nature are worth well over $125...

Starting bid tonight?
Just $50!

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 9! Nature Photo Cards!

Next up! Connections!

In this time of speedy texts and Facebook (guilty!) wouldn't it be lovely to sit down with a nice, smooth pen and jot someone a heartfelt note? How about, if that note also consisted of an image that brought a little peace into their day as well? Sounds like a magical moment to me...

Our next item is a set of 10 Nature Themed Photographic Note Cards...these are photos adhered onto heavy, quality, snow, autumn scenes and more - right from my own camera to your doorstep!

Photocards often sell for $3 - $5 per card - our starting bid?

just $10!

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 8! Lovely Set of Wool Felt Playfood!

Looking to start a collection of goodies for the play kitchen or store or maybe even to add to your little ones collection? Look no further! Our next item up is for a lovely set of handmade wool felt playfood! This basket of fun will consist of...

1 PB & J build a sandwich (4 pieces)
1 "meat" and cheese build a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes (6 pieces)
1 veggie build a sandwich (2 slices of bread, 1 slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avacado) (6 pieces)
1 egg and one slice of toast (2 pieces)
2 pancakes with butter (2 pieces)

So 20 pieces of wool felt playfood up for grabs! I've been making wool felt playfood for yeeaarrss and our playfood has stood the test of time and many kiddos...

Starting bid for this store house of fun?


Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 7! Fun in the Car!

With the warmer (hopefully soon!) weather coming...longer car rides are often in the cards for many families...

How about bouncing along to some new tunes that support the earth and are also fun!

This trio of goodness consists of:
Charlie Hope "I'm Me!" a collection of songs for children (little ditties like, Fire Truck, Pop Goes the Weasle, Frog Song, 5 Little Peas and more!)
Micheal Mish presents, Kids Eye View of the Environment (a little sampling...My Electric Car, Greenhouse, Recycle It and more!)
and for one who like to busy their hands...Dover Japanese Designs 3d coloring book - how cool is that?!

Whether for a rainy day home or bustling about...these could put a new twist in your day!

Starting bid?

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 6! Heirloom Quality Birthday Package!

What better way to celebrate a summer birthday than with a strawberry theme!

This lovely heirloom quality birthday package for 10 consists of....

* 10 wool felt and cotton "strawberry" themed crowns*
* 10 handmade goody bags*
* 30 pieces of wool felt strawberry play food for goody bags*
* one "plant the berries in the strawberry patch", "pin the tail" style game*
* 20 pieces of organic, all natural candy for the goody bags!*

Heirloom quality, wool felt, all natural birthday packages for 10, such as these, have sold upwards of  $125...
Our starting bid for all this fun loveliness?

Just $50!

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 5! Drawing Supplies! Journal and Travel Pack!

Treat yourself to some creative time with this lovely combo!

Jill Bliss Drawing Nature Journal and Sketchfolio! (oh! and a cute pencil sharpener as well!)

The sketchfolio:
12 asst sketch pencils
20 sheet sketch pad
nylon travel folio

Everything you need for a little downtime with your creative self!

Starting bid? $10!

Ready? Set? Bid!

Item # 4 ~ Les Mis Soundtrack and Book!

Okay Les Mis fans...we're breaking out big time here ~

One new Les Mis (the film) soundtrack and one new Les Mis tome of a book by Victor Hugo!

Treat yourself, someone you love or stash away for a last minute gift!

Starting bid? $10!

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 4 Gently Used Waldorf Curriculum!

Anyone who has pieced together curriculum knows just how expensive it can be - crazy expensive! Why not save yourself a few dollars and bid on this wonderful offering of gently used Waldorf curriculum items!

Your auction basket includes...

One Dorothy Harrer "Roman Lives" (6th grade)
One Charles Kovacs "Ancient Greece" (6th Grade)
One Charles Kovacs  "Geology and Astronomy" (6th Grade)
One Christopherus "Roman History" by Donna Simmons

All are gently used and a couple are like new!

Starting bid:

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 3! One Scrumptious, Homemade French Silk Pie!

Fresh, homemade melt in your mouth goodness! A little slice of heaven is what the winner of this French Silk Pie is in for - be warned! You just may never be the same...

From the chef...

"French silk is a melt in your mouth chocolate mousse with real whipped cream topping.
We always make the pastry crust from scratch using non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening.
The filling is butter, eggs and chocolate..."
Mmmm,...sounds dangerously delicious...

Remember - our edible goodies are just for local winners only!

Ready? Set? Go!

Item # 2 Birthday Party Package!

Item #2!  An all natural, non-disposable "Gnome" birthday package for 10 from Sunshower Kisses!

Package includes...

*10 handmade goody bags*
* 20 pieces of organic candy*
* 10 handmade gnomes for the goody bags*
* 10 party crowns*
* one wool felt pin the gnome on the toadstool game with 10 wool felt gnome game pieces!*

This birthday package is worth well over $125...

Starting bid? $50!

Ready? Set? Go!

Let the Auction Begin!

Our first auction item? Simple and sweet - the opportunity for YOU to create! How fun and empowering is that?!

Up for grabs? 5 yards of hard-to-find Amy Butler Midwest Modern cotton quilting fabric!

So, who wants 'em? Look at this gorgeousness!

Starting Bid is $15...

Ready? Set? Go!