Impromptu ~

Items under this listing help raise donations for a fund I call "Impromptu" ~ These benefit spur of the moment "urgent" cases such as funding to save a dog from a high kill shelter, donations to local or distant fundraisers that are not listed as non-profit but still in dire need (such as local farms needing funding to preserve their farm land so it will always remain so), donations to help families adopt a new child and pledges for those doing doing treks or walks for various causes.

Generally speaking, these donations provide funding for outlets that I have researched thoroughly and know to be genuine but do not qualify in the non-profit status (although pledges to treks and walks are almost always non-profit and tax deductable) or have an "urgent" need where on hand funds would be needed. I will update the blog and this page as to where your generous donations have gone and how they have benefited the recipients :)

Thank you again for supporting handmade and some good work being done in the world!

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