Monday, March 25, 2013

Item # 10! Spring Themed Party Package!

Our last (yes, last!) item up for bidding is a spring themed all natural party package for10!
Heirloom quality shines through again in this celebration of spring!

This lovely assortment consists of...

*10 handmade wool felt spring themed crowns*
* 4 finger puppets per guest*
* 10 handmade goody bags*
* 20 pieces of organic, all natural candy*
* one spring themed treasure hunt set! (handmade items you scatter around for kids to find...I will provide a set of general clues but you can also choose to create your own clues as well!)

Party packages of this nature are worth well over $125...

Starting bid tonight?
Just $50!

Ready? Set? Go!


  1. Oh! Sounds lovely! (Would you have a pic of what it would look like?)

  2. Hi Marina! I don't have one on hand but I was in the business of making birthday party packages for a few years and had very happy customers! Thank you for bidding! I think you will be very pleased!