Girl Rising Auction Info!

Thanks so very much for supporting efforts to bring the film Girl Rising to Maine!

Some people have asked - "Why?"... My simplest answer is...spreading the word is these girls' best chance at winning their struggle for an education. Repeatedly, studies have shown that the best way to bring people out of poverty, increase their chances and their children's chances of having healthier, safer lives is to educate girls.When you support a girl's education, you decrease the chances that she will become a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking, health complications due to early and repeated pregnancies and so many more tragic scenarios. The benefits that are harder to quantify? Self esteem. Independence. Fullfillment.

From 7pm EST til 12 am EST we will post 10 auction items - some FABULOUS deals in here folks! Thank you for your support of Girl Rising!


* How do I bid? Just pop your bid in the comment section and check back to see if you've been outbid! Comments back and forth raise the bids and help raise funds! Good Luck and Have Fun!
* What if we don't raise enough funds for the screening?...Your auction item will (of course!) still be honored and all auction proceeds will go to the 10x10 Fund For Girls Education:

"We’ve created the 10×10 Fund for Girls’ Education to drive resources to girl-focused programs in the developing world. Donations to the Fund will be distributed among our impact partners, including A New Day Cambodia, CARE USA, Girl Up/United Nations Foundation, Partners in Health, Plan International USA, Room to Read, and World Vision, all of which operate girls’ education initiatives that provide resources like scholarships, health care services and critical life skills training."

* All birthday party package requests must be submitted at least 2 months in advance in order to be honored - thank you for understanding!

* Auctioned food items are local only! Meaning...Maine! Thank you for understanding that we want you to get your goodies as fresh as possible and in the most appetizing state.

* Please honor your auction bid...that's what makes these auctions possible! Thank you!!


  1. How far in Maine are you? I am in Manchester, NH and could come up depending on where and when if I win something :)

  2. We are pretty far from the NH border, but thank you so much for the idea! Lots of other items will be up for bidding though that don't require pick up - we will ship to you! Thanks again :)