Monday, March 25, 2013

Item # 7! Fun in the Car!

With the warmer (hopefully soon!) weather coming...longer car rides are often in the cards for many families...

How about bouncing along to some new tunes that support the earth and are also fun!

This trio of goodness consists of:
Charlie Hope "I'm Me!" a collection of songs for children (little ditties like, Fire Truck, Pop Goes the Weasle, Frog Song, 5 Little Peas and more!)
Micheal Mish presents, Kids Eye View of the Environment (a little sampling...My Electric Car, Greenhouse, Recycle It and more!)
and for one who like to busy their hands...Dover Japanese Designs 3d coloring book - how cool is that?!

Whether for a rainy day home or bustling about...these could put a new twist in your day!

Starting bid?

Ready? Set? Go!