How You Can Help

Wow! Thanks so much for your interest in supporting Crafting For Change! This is so very exciting!

Here is a quick little rundown of ways you can pitch in :)

1. Hold a craft-a-thon with friends, family (near and far! what a way to connect with those we love!) or community (church, town, school, work, book clubs - you name it!) and decide what organization you would like to support then get crafty! The items can be a theme based on your selected non-profit's mission or a hodge podge of delightful craftiness based on your whims! We are open to just about anything that strikes your fancy :)

2. Email Kelly at with the organization you would like to support, your craft ideas and general time line and I will be honored to work with you!

3. Since Crafting For Change is all volunteer with all proceeds going directly to non-profits, please feel free to donate any crafting items you may. We may use them here on site but more likely will take them out into the community to work with kids, the elderly and just about anyone who wants to craft with us for change!

Thank you SO much for your support!

A Little Change Goes a Long Way!

(please check back often as we update!)

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